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  • SharePoint Online/2016/2013 - How To Upload Large Files Using PowerShell Automation  Overview. A right architecture Connected vehicle solution architecture overview. Everything you ever wanted to know about solution architecture but were afraid to ask. This software architecture template can save many hours in creating great software architecture by using built-in symbols right next to the canvas. This course is delivered in instructor-led format offered online or onsite. #1 Solution Architecture Is Designed To Meet The Needs Of All The Stake holders Implementing a Power BI solution is not just about developing reports, creating a data model, or using visuals. For example, a diagram that illustrates the relationship between software components. This course contains a lot of material to get you on your way. Resources and best practice for Enteprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, IT Architecture. I am not able to find such a document and I really don\'t understand why. Jan 2, 2018 Here I want to talk about the importance of Software Architecture, what it is It gives the right technical solutions to ensure your success. want to use news , events, doc libs, Custom WPs, timer jobs, info. Altinn Studio - The new application development solution; Altinn Apps - The new hosting and infrastructure solution for applications Fiverr freelancer will provide Presentations services and create a solution architecture diagram using visio within 2 days • To help you map relevant patterns & practices solution assets. You only connect the managed SAP systems through RFC connections thus you ignore some red traffic lights in managed SAP system setup. Prepare for Review If you are going to use UML (the most widely-used diagrams) for creating your software architecture, Visual Paradigm Community Edition is a totally free solution (For Personal and non-Commercial). These really seem like they must be created with Photoshop by a graphic designer. The solutions architect leverages all the tools and design principles delivered by enterprise and SOA architects to make each solution a success within the larger framework. SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagram Example: Typical S/4 HANA Extension Pattern - Hub Applications For all dignified “enterprise” and other “architects” out there. Example 1: Enterprise Architecture Diagram. Systems are also more complex to understand and manage as compared to two-tier architectures. diagram • Product Lifecycle diagram • Goal/Objective/Service diagram • Business Use-Case diagram • Organization Decomposition diagram • Process Flow diagram • Event diagram TOGAF 9 Artifacts • Stakeholder Map Matrix • Solution Concept diagram • Value Chain diagram • Requirements catalog Solution architecture is a practice of defining and describing an architecture of a system delivered in context of a specific solution and as such it may encompass description of an entire system or only its specific parts. In contrast to the more formal and detailed architecture diagrams developed in the following phases, the solution concept represents a pencil sketch of the expected solution at the outset Both ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and drawing software and the AWS Architecture Diagrams solution can help creating the AWS architecture you need. Looking at the last of these, let’s go back to basics and ask ‘what is a solution architect?’. In contrast to the more formal and detailed architecture diagrams developed in the following phases, the solution concept represents a pencil sketch of the element involved in the Architecture diagrams - hardware, software, functional. and techniques; including logical functional decomposition, value stream diagrams etc. That perception is not always unfair. Thet second SAP Solution Manager landscape can be monitored by the first SAP Solution Manager landscape where Technical Monitoring is implemented. If you create an account on Dragon1 you have access to a modern set of symbols for creating a data lake architecture, but also a data warehouse or any artifical intelligence solution. Ensure that the diagram(s) depict the  A solution concept diagram provides a high-level orientation that is envisaged in order to meet the objectives of the architecture engagement. What is Solution Architecture? In terms of TOGAF and the Enterprise Continuum, and under certain circumstances, any combination of enterprise, enterprise solution and solution architect may be utilized as part of your team. • Architecture Frame. The AWS Architecture Diagrams solution can be found in the Computer and Networks area of ConceptDraw STORE application that can be downloaded from this site. Complex applications require careful architecting to reduce the amount of code movement between Visual Studio projects and the renaming of corresponding namespaces and folders. Assuming we want to built an e-shop Web Application called “Store”, create a blank solution with the same name. AWS architecture diagrams are used to describe the design, topology and deployment of applications built on AWS cloud solutions. Architects can take advantage of industry standard frameworks and centralized enterprise data in ABACUS. Re-use is a major consideration in this decision. Mar 18, 2019 LAMP Production-Ready for AWS Multi-Tier Solutions LAMP Production-Ready solution on AWS, as per the architecture diagram below:. How to create an AWS diagram in 4 easy steps. A Solution Concept diagram provides a high-level orientation of the solution  Tag: Solution Architecture Diagram. 1. The guide provides a framework that helps you to think about your application architecture approaches and practices . mgmnt policies,discussion forum. There are a lot of software that brings together these two frameworks. Solution architecture is an important activity, providing technical leadership and making the key design decisions for IT systems, within the context of business needs, project constraints and overall risks. This sample diagram demonstrates the helicopter level view on enterprise architecture. With extensive premade drawing shapes and a straightforward users interface, you can easily make system architecture diagrams, software architecture diagrams, application architecture diagrams, website system architecture diagrams, uml diagrams and much more. This is an example Solution Architecture Landscape created on Dragon1. The views are used to describe the system from the viewpoint of different stakeholders, such as end-users, developers, system engineer, and project managers. Jun 9, 2014 The role of solution architecture is to identify answer to a business diagram created during the Business Architecture phase, showing the key  Apr 9, 2019 Amidst these, we have received queries about the creation of an information flow diagram and solution architecture for the products created by  In the schematic diagram we have included a representation of the adjacent nodes such as the hot-standby node required for high availability purposes and the  Feb 9, 2018 "the solution is simple and can be built with any technology"; "we don't want to force a solution on An example software architecture diagram. Jul 18, 2019 Enterprise and Solution Architecture: things to know . ISA is the target logical solution architecture and service-oriented application reference architecture for the Department of the Interior (the enterprise). AWS reference architecture datasheets provide you with the architectural guidance you need to build an application that takes full advantage of the AWS Cloud. This differs from enterprise architecture that may include long term roadmaps that take many years to implement. Deploying this solution with the default parameters builds the following environment in the AWS Cloud. Solution architecture is a practice of defining and describing an architecture of a system delivered in context of a specific solution and as such it may encompass  May 10, 2013 See the architecture diagrams that were created by students on our recent Solution Architecture Fundamentals training course Aug 1, 2017 The figure above is a sample of a few common solution architecture diagrams for a loan application use case. Logical architecture is a structural design that gives as much detail as possible without constraining the architecture to a particular technology or environment. These icons and diagrams are intended to be used to accurately reference Google's technology and tools, in architectures, blog posts, whitepapers, datasheets What I mean by a template (for a document) is a basic word document for example with the key headings. TOGAF 9 Portal with free TOGAF 9 questions, tests, articles and more. Please note that the actual  Mar 14, 2018 Examples of common solution architecture diagrams. Order Entry and Fulfillment Sub-System The order entry and fulfillment sub-system is the entry point for all orders in the overall architecture. There will be many potential solutions to a problem with varying degrees of suitability to the underlying business need. While architecture diagrams are very helpful in conceptualizing the architecture of your app according to the particular AWS service you are going to use, they are also Edraw Architecture Diagram Software provides an easy solution for making architecture diagrams in your software system development process. Note that the SOA solution stack is a partially layered architecture. Please try again later. There are different types of arrows used in software architecture diagrams. EttF is an architecture that provides network and Failover MultiCloud Architecture. An overview of the context and constituents of the Enterprise Continuum is shown in Figure 35-1. C. Aug 4, 2017 Designing architectural diagrams might not be an easy task; it can be tricky or error prone, even for the simplest ones. What is Solution Architecture? Solution architecture is the detailed and structured description of the features, process and behavior of the solution. Oct 18, 2017 Figure: The architecture diagram, showing the dependency flow. The issue I'm trying to address is how to articulate in a simple way the solution architecture such that all interested parties can peruse it for the follow on tasks i. Relate the business objectives and business requirements Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Solution Architecture (SA) are often seen as different practices. This template could be used for similar IT purposes, such as by showing virtual machine roles (database, directory, file, web, and so on) by physical server. For brevity, some sections are intentionally left incomplete There are plenty of opportunities to land a Solution Architect job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. We provide the easiest and most powerful AWS architecture design tool in the world. It defines terms used in the syllabus. Instructions: Identify and describe the technical architecture of the current system. December 2008 . Of the two, EA is sometimes regarded as the rich and decadent relative while SA is the honest, reliable, and hard-working one. Diagram your IT solution with an easy-to-use Azure architecture diagram tool Design your Azure Cloud architecture with ease Visual Paradigm provides the most easy-to-use Azure Architecture design software in the world. You productivity of creating a Data Lake Architecture diagram will be sky rocketed using the Dragon1 platform. 3. SAP Solution Manager – Diagnostics Agent architecture guide In the next section, we will talk about how we put the Watson services and Custom services together and came up with a robust, scalable, re-usable and low-latency solution for poker playing robots. Each datasheet includes a visual representation of the application architecture and a basic description of how each service is used. The C4 model is an "abstraction-first" approach to diagramming software architecture, based upon abstractions that reflect how software architects and developers think about and build software. Magento architecture from different perspectives. Features of This Guide • Framework for application architecture. . Park SangUk, Megazone Solution Architect Manager So, in one year, we create about 300 AWS architecture diagrams by Cacoo. Application Architecture: Application & User Location Diagram, Application Communication Diagram, System Use-Case Diagram; Architecture Vision: Solution Concept Diagram, Value Chain Diagram; Business Architecture: Business Footprint Diagram, Business Services and Information Diagram, Functional Decomposition Diagram, Product Lifecycle Diagram N-tier architecture which is explained in the diagram is generally more scalable than the two-tier architecture because it is possible with N-tier architecture to distribute the tiers into several computing nodes, thus removing the performance bottleneck. You will also learn how architecture relates to organization structure and even product planning! CA Service Management 17. They can quickly understand the business processes, applications and services required and design appropriate solutions. Hello Experts I\'ve been looking, for a while now, for an architecture diagram which shows the flow of data from managed systems to Solution Manager. On this page you will find an official collection of AWS Architecture Icons (formerly Simple Icons) that contain AWS product icons, resources, and other tools to help you build diagrams. However Phase A, Architecture Vision • Stakeholder Map matrix • Value Chain diagram • Solution Concept diagram Requirements Management • Requirements catalog Phase C, Application Architecture • Application Portfolio catalog • Interface catalog • System/Organization matrix • Role/System matrix • System/Function matrix hi, Can any one plz provide a solution architecture diagram for a SP 2010 intranet portal. Standardization of technology is a common part of IT architecture projects. A standardized technology reduces complexity and offers benefits such as cost savings through economy of scale, ease of integration, improved efficiency, greater support options, and simplification of future control. The activity to link the diagram back is now a joint offer between the responsible solution architect, the business department and the respective application domain experts. Depending upon your role and purpose for learning more about  Below are several diagrams to represent the current architecture and deployment With the inclusion of the Elastic Stack, the distributed architecture has since  Oct 30, 2018 Mr. What is the difference between the following - Single bi-directional arrow Mr. Below you will find several sample diagrams of cloud-based solution architectures that you can build with the RightScale platform using both public  Jun 24, 2011 Solution architect is a relatively new term, and it should refer also to an It can be a bulleted list, a diagram or both, which shows what the  The architecture diagram provides a visual overview of what's included in the implementation. For instance, you can use the n-tier architecture as the overall architecture, or use the MVC framework in the presentation tier. Four types of widely-used architecture diagrams are presented, and each type It's the process of defining a structured solution that meets all of the technical  After the solution architecture design work is done, the technical aspects of An example application architecture diagram for FLARP is shown in Figure 6. Microsoft Teams and related productivity services in Microsoft 365 for IT architects. Enterprise Architecture Diagrams solution extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software with templates, samples and library of vector stencils for drawing the  Software Architects can use Enterprise Architect to map functional requirements with use cases, perform real time modeling of objects using interaction diagrams   Azure Architecture diagram is a blueprints that helps you design and implement application solutions on Azure. Understand Enterprise Architecture With These 7 Simple Diagrams. 0). Explore a collection of architectural approaches to help you build on Salesforce, and advance your business or technology strategy using recommended architectures that help guide your Salesforce solution. Here's the official set of icons to build architectural diagrams of Google Cloud Platform. 01 Create Hardware Architecture Diagram . . Functionality in Altinn is distributed between five different solutions. It is designed to help: Given the rapid changes in technology and the businesses move towards digital operating models, IT organizations are thinking about their architecture needs in innovative new ways. Definition of a solution architecture is typically led by a solution architect. More than 1100 diagram examples from a use case, software design, flowchart, cloud architecture, dashboard, analytics data, engineering, mind mapping, floor plan and more. A solution concept diagram provides a high-level orientation of the solution that is envisaged in order to meet the objectives of the architecture engagement. Software Architecture Document. Below in the architecture diagram of our solution where we can see how the robots are talking to the Bluemix cloud. The guide uses a frame to organize the key architecture and design A good solution architecture along with the experienced solution architect help the teams develop the product that is on time, in budget and solves the problem it was designed to solve. With editing features like Resource Catalog and Design AWS architecture with AWS logos and symbols. By Mark Michaelis; 05/01/2011 Solution Architecture Description of the Altinn Studio solution architecture. View All Architect Resumes The Art of Crafting Architectural Diagrams This In software architecture, such diagrams are created in compliance with views which are related to a specific viewpoint that could be part of a Solution Architecture Overview This chapter provides an overview of the Ethernet-to-the-Factory (EttF) solution architecture, as a means to describe the various systems, components, and their relation to each other to give context to the networking function and technical requirements. Through his publications and training - his efforts to raise the bar for enterprise architecture make him the world renown professional he is today. Solution Architecture provides a tactical and targeted way to deliver new technologies and capabilities to your business. The role of solution architecture is to identify answer to a business problem and set of solution options and their components. With iServer for Enterprise Architecture you can adopt the standard enterprise architecture framework TOGAF ®, ArchiMate modeling and the business process modeling notation BPMN to develop and execute your organization’s systems architecture, translating solution specifications into detailed designs. IT Architecture: Standardizing Technology. The logical architecture of productivity services in Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Teams. Generally speaking, solution architecture is immediately implemented as a program, project or change. Let’s start. teams typically create some sort of architectural overview diagram  Diagrams Application Architecture Diagram Image - Wiring Diagram . The architecture is the most fundamental aspect of software. Morden ML solution- data management framework Business Architecture, Brand  Jul 11, 2016 CA Service Management is a one stop shop for managing the entire services business. You will learn how development teams describe architectures, plan successful architectures based on quality attributes, and evaluate the resulting architecture. 2 Solution Architecture Last update April 5, 2019 CA Service Management is a seamless integration of CA Service Desk Manager, CA Service Catalog, CA IT Asset Manager, and Unified Self-Service products. Where can I find decent visio templates/diagrams for software architecture? Ask Question Anyone have any good urls for templates or diagram examples in Visio 2007 The architecture we will try to build in this post is summarized in the following diagram. Zachman is the thought leader in enterprise architecture! I am so honored to have met him at training in Colorado and then again last October at a conference in Washington D. Health and Human Services Agency, Office of Systems Integration However, solutions architecture is more about specific projects or initiatives than about ensuring interoperability between projects. The following are <Provide one or more diagrams depicting an overview of the target solution architecture with supporting narrative text. Where solution architectures are to be developed based on a specific Reference Architecture, the level of detail provided as a reference may have to be greater than if a Reference Architecture is itended to be used for alignmenn Solution Architecture best practices help identify opportunities to lower costs, by effectively using existing State and project resources. Power BI, like any other technologies, can be used in a correct, or incorrect way. The Microsoft 365 enterprise solution series provides guidance for implementing Microsoft 365 capabilities, especially where capabilities cross technologies. Do stream analytics on Google Cloud to get real-time insights from your data, critical for use cases like fraud detection and clickstream analysis. Doc The solution is mainly comprised of the following sub-systems and components on which the architecture will be founded. 1 Purpose. Our Azure Architecture diagram tool provides  Feb 14, 2019 Every AWS Solution comes with a detailed architecture diagram, a deployment guide, and instructions for both manual and automated  Jul 5, 2019 The official set of icons to build solution diagrams of SAP Cloud Platform solution scenarios as customer, partner, client, solution architect,  Process Activity Name: ARC-05. Deloitte’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture professionals help clients refresh their enterprise architectures to VMware Infrastructure architecture Overview • Virtual Infrastructure Web Access – A Web interface for virtual machine management and remote consoles access • VMware VMotion™ – Enables the live migration of running virtual machines from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability and complete This is not to say that you can only use either the MVC framework or the n-tier architecture. I will teach you all the skills you need to become an outstanding solution architect. When you are designing your cloud system architecture across multiple clouds, there are several factors that you will have to take into consideration. Architecture Overview. Microsoft distributes some really nice looking Azure architecture diagrams / blueprints (like the one on the right) in various materials and even includes them in keynotes, presentations and other places. This is the first image Google returned for “architecture diagram” - consistent with what I saw in IT for 20 years. Before you start to link the elements it is recommended to copy the diagram so that you preserve a copy of the initial version. The assessment matrix and information that is discovered from creating the proofs of concept is used to help make a decision. A solution architecture (SA) is an architectural description of a specific solution. Need to design your Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture? Drawing an AWS architecture diagram is fast and fun with Visual Paradigm's cloud architecture design software. I recently delivered our new two-day 'Solution Architecture Fundamentals' course at Equinox IT. A Solution Architecture draws a subset of information from the sponsors and the State’s Enterprise Architecture Program to furnish information about the organization’s business, data, service (application), The architectural diagram shown in Figure 2 depicts an SOA as a set of logical layers. 2 Conceptual Solution Architecture Model Conceptual Architecture. Solution architecture is the initial step taken when an organization aims to create a set of enterprise solutions, applications and processes that integrate with each other in order to address specific needs and requirements and that often lead to software architecture and technical architecture work. The Dragon1 Step-by-Step Guide is waiting for you in your Digital Workplace. to differentiate between the fundamental options for designing a technical solution. Data Lake Symbols Set. The small set of abstractions and diagram types makes the C4 model easy to learn and use. Introduction 1. Greefhorst and Proper (2013) define solution architecture as: An architecture of a solution Solution architecture is a structural design that addresses a set of functional and non-functional requirements. 0 July 2010 Page 1 of 65 Reference Model for ISEB Certificates in Enterprise and Solution Architecture This reference model follows the structure of the syllabus for ISEB examinations in enterprise and solution architecture. Solution Architecture Example: Nouveau Health Care Claim Payment Solution Architecture This document presents an example Solution Architecture document. Create it as early as possible to make sure that all your  Data, modeling and analytics tool enabling Solution Architects to select and our API; For diagram-driven modelling plus data-driven enterprise architecture  Aug 11, 2015 The best software architecture diagrams act as a map, clearly expressing a coherent solution to anybody who is unfamiliar with the terrain. risk assessment, costing, detail design, build, test, support, etc. It's common to find questions in Solution Architecture Framework Toolkit . With Gliffy, the easiest AWS architecture diagram tool, making an AWS diagram is fast and simple. Ensure that the diagram(s) depict the major components of the solution and the relationships between the components, input and output data flows, major processes, functions, and system tasks. Gpon Network Architecture Diagram:GPON is a high bandwidth shared fiber access technology. Solution architecture often encompass many different architecture layers or viewpoints such as business architecture, system architecture and data architecture, for example. A Block Diagram showing Solution Architecture. You can create a hierarchy, timeline, relationship, cycle diagram and also an option to generate table and charts. SAs combine guidance from different enterprise architecture viewpoints (business, information and technical), as well as from the enterprise solution architecture (ESA). Each day the course instructor will guide students through understanding the deliverables and strategy for Solution architects as well as the recommended best practices for delivering a solution architecture of value. Solution Architect/Designer. To better  Sep 18, 2012 The solution architecture may not be well-documented, work may begin . After the architecture is selected, diagrams for the architecture are checked in as the reference solution, and a justification document is created that captures the reasons behind the selection. This diagram was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using the Enterprise Architecture Diagrams Library from the Enterprise Architecture Diagrams Solution. Also included are 50 sample diagrams, viewable in Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Lucidchart. Following diagram The solution architecture must be well documented and presented to the project and architecture review boards to ensure that it satisfies the project constraints and technology standards Visual Studio Solution Architecture for a WPF Application. Hybrid risk analysis architecture This templated risk analysis solution uses Azure HPC compute and GPU virtual machines (VMs) to expand on-premises Tibco GridServer compute to Azure using Azure CycleCloud for auto-scaling integration. It’s Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Cloud IaaS) offering. 1 Scope This blueprint solution architecture is based on the Interior Solution Architecture (ISA) Volume I. 3 Constituents of the Enterprise Continuum. The Enterprise Architecture determines which architecture and solution artifacts an organization includes in its Architecture Repository. In the example diagram below, the same ServerTemplates and scripts are used to configure and launch functional servers into either Cloud X or Y. For ex. In TOGAF, architecture views are the key artifacts in an architecture description. Solution Architecture. We'll show you how to do it in 4 steps. Crafting a Solution Architect resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. The Architecture view allows exploring project dependency diagram and comparing previously taken dependency snapshots to the current state of the solution. Solution Architecture is often concerned with the design of systems and infrastructure required for the implementation of a specific solution, or business change initiative. It acts as the base of the solution to define, deliver, manage and operate the development process of the solution. Jan 31, 2019 The following is a blockchain architecture diagram that shows how this However, there is a solution that eliminates this possibility called  A user can illustrate an entire system or only its specific parts by using the solution architecture model presentation template. Solution architecture is a practice of designing, describing, and managing the solution engineering in relation to specific business problems. 25 . Mar 7, 2017 A proposed AWS architecture to help banks to comply with Open Banking but in a controlled and governed way, as per the diagram below: . Solution development and architecture BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solutions Architecture Expand your knowledge and skills by exploring architecture concepts, processes and techniques – independently of any specific framework. How does a solution architecture help? Read on. The solution architecture diagram  If available, provide a high level context diagram for the current system. This feature is not available right now. IT architecture is used to implement an efficient, flexible, and high quality technology solution for a business problem, and is classified into three different categories: enterprise architecture intended usage. Aug 22, 2017 This solution was conceived with the goal of addressing all Provide a high- level diagram/description of the application architecture. 1. Architecture diagrams are a great way to communicate your design, deployment, and topology. It identifies the alternatives of the solutions and its components. Free Enterprise Architecture Resources. See how to draw Amazon AWS Architecture Diagram online with the online AWS Architecture Diagram drawing tool. If you're My solution is architected using the Onion Architecture. I’m frequently asked about templates, stencils and shapes that are available for documenting the architecture of cloud-based solutions on Microsoft Azure, Azure Pack and Office 365. The SAP Cloud Platform solution diagram guidelines are based on a common iconography and graphical design that follow the SAP Cloud Platform UX principles (Fiori 2. In this article, we’ll discuss what solution architecture is, describe the role of a solution architect, and explain how the adoption of this practice can help solve business problems. This solution helps improve the productivity across IT p. e. there are two applications A and B. A solution architecture (SA) is an architectural description of a specific solution. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism. In this sample diagram, the template uses linked data to illustrate two views: by application (broken down by department and server) and by application server (broken down by application). Using the tools described in this article, you can quickly build professional architecture diagrams for cloud scenarios. Describe  Download scientific diagram | Solution architecture from publication: Profiling of real-world web applications | Non-functional requirements of enterprise web  Sep 4, 2017 An architectural pattern is a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software architecture within a given context. You can edit this Block Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. It is intended to capture and convey the significant architectural decisions which have been made on the system. Visual Paradigm. I will not only teach you how to create an awesome architecture design, but I will also teach you all the soft skills you will need to really shine in this role and make an impression on your peers. The Solution Architect creates the Conceptual Business Diagram to define a  Jun 27, 2019 Architectural diagrams. 35. An experienced user spent 20 minutes creating this sample. In this post, a solution architect breaks down the different architecture domains, such as data and integration, and how they connect in solution architecture. Solution Concept Diagram (Optional): Presents the architecture solution visually with an ArchiMate diagram. Create animated Solution Architecture Landscapes yourself by signing up for a Trial Account. Creating consistent and  <Provide one or more diagrams depicting an overview of the target solution architecture with supporting narrative text. 6. Any technology can be used more effective if it harnesses the right architecture. This document provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system, using a number of different architectural views to depict different aspects of the system. Enterprise and Solution Architecture Reference Model Version 3. 4+1 is a view model designed by Philippe Kruchten for "describing the architecture of software-intensive systems, based on the use of multiple, concurrent views". The easiest way to create a software architecture diagram is editing an existing template. solution architecture diagram

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